Can't Decide Whether to Come?

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Founder & Teacher,


If you're wondering whether the pastors conference is for you or whether you should make the effort to come, consider a few things.

It is for any pastor or pastoral-type church leader, and we let you decide who that is. We're not going to pick your pocket and ask for your credentials.

Also, don't let finances get in the way. If you really want to come and can't afford it, we offer a whatever-you-can-afford policy.

The conference theme is "The Pastor as Father and Son," but if you don't have children or you're single and you think, "That's not for me," it might well be for you, because there is still a spiritual dimension of fathering that applies to single men. John Stott was never married but he has fathered so many men. What a great father figure John Stottt has been for many years for so many, and he never married and never bore children physically.

So I hope that the possibilities of glorious worship, great times of prayer, and good solid teaching with others would be useful to you.

Pray and God will show you whether you should be included. We hope to see you there.