Capturing the Heart of a Child

What was so wonderful about C.S. Lewis, says Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, is that such an incredible mind wrote children’s stories. She continues,

He didn’t think children’s stories were beneath him. In fact, a mind like that is what it took to write those children’s stories. And of course, as Lewis said, a children’s story that’s only good for children isn’t a good children’s story in the least. He dignified children, and he knew the power of story. . . . The story is how you capture the child’s heart.

In this short clip, she celebrates Lewis’s brilliance as a children’s writer.

In this second clip, Sally Lloyd-Jones talks about learning narration and tone from Lewis. He knew the best tone was like a mother talking to her children. His influence on her, she says, is like the air we breathe. “I can’t even tell you how influential he’s been. His words have been such a part of me.”