Catalyst Interview with John Piper

John Piper was recently interviewed for the Catalyst podcast on race and the gospel, what it means to enjoy God, and lessons on leadership. The discussion with Pastor John starts at the 15:40 mark.

A couple highlights…

  1. The 26:55 mark, Pastor John shares two ways the truth of God's glory in our joy has changed him personally.
  2. The 34:52 mark, Pastor John talks about the most consistent advice he passes on to younger leaders.

If you'd like to send out a tweet from the interview…

  • John Piper: "Christian should address both race and the sanctity of life, not be typed by either."
  • John Piper: "Not only is joy in God permissible, it's necessary."
  • John Piper: "If you renounce joy in God you won't be able to worship him and love people."
  • John Piper: "God means to look really good in the lives of his people."
  • John Piper: "The sovereignty of God is the ground of hope and the triumph of the gospel."
  • John Piper: "The Bible needs to be supreme, central, and foundational. All the metaphors."
  • John Piper: "Long-term feeding of a flock depends on the pastor feeding himself and being thrilled by the Bible."