Darrin Patrick on Being and Building Men

Darrin Patrick's message at the 2012 Conference for Pastors was on being and building men in the local church. He expounded Galatians 5 and walked through the on-the-ground work of killing sin and living in the Spirit. Download the audio and video.

Memorable Quotes

  • "When you become a leader of men, you plug your life into an ampiflier and everyone hears it."
  • "You don't obey for your acceptance, you obey from your acceptance."
  • "You don't measure your maturity by comparing yourself with others. You judge maturity by comparing yourself to Jesus."
  • "Paul tells us to crucify the flesh. Crucifixion is a slow death, but it is a certain death."
  • "Your flesh is anything you use other than Jesus to get God’s approval. Your flesh will take your ministry and make it your righteousness."
  • "A key to killing your spiritual flesh is through surrounding yourselves with brothers. You have to have some guys who aren’t impressed with you. You need elders who tell you no."
  • "You need guys around you who hate your sin. You need guys who are pursing Christ to the degree that when you look at them you say 'I want to pursue Christ like that.'"