Desiring God Online in China

The church isn’t the only thing growing in China. Like in so many other countries these days, Internet use is booming too. At the Chinese government’s last official counting (June, 2010), 420 million of its people were online. No doubt there are millions more by now.

Along with the Internet, social media is also catching on. China Daily recently reported that over 300 million Chinese are registered micro-blog (think Twitter) users.

We’re excited about this growth because the Internet and social media are quick, inexpensive, and strategic ways for us to make gospel-centered resources available for the growing Chinese church.

Here are some ways we're working to serve Chinese speakers online:

  • In April, 2010, we launched our Chinese language website,, and in the past six months we’ve had about 6,000 visits from Mainland China (24,000 worldwide).
  • We continue to add new content, most recently some Chinese sermon audio and the book Finally Alive.
  • We've joined thousands of Chinese Christians participating in Chinese social media by setting up our own blog and micro-blog on local platforms.
  • A gift has come in recently that will enable us to translate and post another 52 sermon manuscripts in Chinese.

Please pray with us that God would use these online resources, and those of many others (e. g. Gospel Translations), to bless the Chinese church in significant ways.

Look for our post this Wednesday about the first John Piper book to be legally published in China!


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