Desiring God Website Now in Swahili

With excitement and praise to God we announce the release of ( in Swahili). Already there are several sermons and articles available on the site, and we plan to continue releasing new material each week, as God provides.

Swahili is an African language, spoken primarily in the central and eastern regions of the continent. It is the first or second language of over 50 million people worldwide (with approximately 5 million online users). Speakers can be found in

  • Burundi, 
  • DR Congo,
  • Kenya,
  • Northern Mozambique,
  • Rwanda,
  • Somalia,
  • Sudan,
  • Tanzania,
  • Uganda,

and a few places outside of Africa, such as Canada, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Alongside translating sermons and articles, there are also Swahili book translations underway. 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die (Je, Kwa Nini Kristo Alikufa Msalabani?), a free download, was completed last year.

Forthcoming, Lord willing, are Swahili translations of Piper's Finally AliveFor Your Joy, and Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ.