Dialogue on the Most Controversial Place on Earth

Some Muslims have vowed to extinguish Israel. Many Israelis feel the same animosity toward their Middle Eastern neighbors. Near-apocalyptic tensions rarely subside in Israel-Palestine, the most controversial place on earth.

How should Christians — carrying Bibles with lots to say about Israel, her land, and her enemies — orient today toward these ongoing pressures in the Middle East?

Christianity Today is hosting an online four-part dialogue between John Piper and David Brickner (Jews for Jesus) on whether Jews today have a divine right to "the Promised Land."

Brickner's first post comes in response to articles, sermons, and blog posts from John Piper in recent years — the following three most prominent among them:

"Do Jews Have a Divine Right to the Promised Land?"

"Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East"

"Israel, Arabs, and the Family of God"

John Piper's first response to Brickner is now available: "How to Treat a Rebellious Israel"

There are two most posts left in the series, to become available in the coming days: first a response from Brickner, then a second and final response from Piper.