Edwards's Resolutions in Seven Categories

Back in 1723 Jonathan Edwards chartered a list of resolutions for his life. 70 of them. And he read them once a week.

Matt Perman writes:

[Edwards] shows us that a well lived life doesn't just happen; it requires intentionality. And intentionality manifests itself in certain "mechanisms" that help us maintain our intentionality. Edwards' resolutions are one example of such a "mechanism."

So Edwards is a good example not just of a life that is lived well, but also of the "practical side" of how to actually build that intentionality into our lives, rather than just letting it remain a vague wish that never takes deep root and makes a real difference.

Refusing to be vague, Matt has organized Jonathan Edwards's resolutions into seven specific categories. This approach is a fresh way to help us apply their wisdom where we live. The categories include:

  • Overall Life Mission
  • Good Works
  • Time Management
  • Relationships
  • Suffering
  • Character
  • Spiritual Life

The New Year is upon us. Read through Edwards's resolutions. Print them out. Consider adopting them as your own for a Christ-exalting, God-entranced vision of all things.