Encountering the Living Christ in Personal Devotions

This week we released episodes 24–28 in the Ask Pastor John podcast. In one of those new episodes we asked John Piper a question about personal Bible reading: must we come away from our Bible reading with a life application principle every time?

His answer was a resolute no.

Here’s part of what he said to explain why:

A godly life is lived out of a heart astonished at grace. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. We go to the Bible to be astonished. We go to the Bible to be amazed at God, and amazed at Christ, and amazed at the cross, and amazed at grace, and amazed at the gospel. And when we are stunned and amazed and humbled we walk out of our study or out of our chair, wherever we are having devotions, and there’s a spirit and a flavor about us that makes us a better person at the kitchen table and when we go to work.

You can listen to his entire answer in Ask Pastor John episode 26 here.

In episode 27 we asked him about how he handled his own spiritually dry seasons in the ministry, and there he talked more about the goal of his devotional reading of Scripture. “I want to see Jesus. I need Jesus,” he said. “I don’t need merely propositions, I need an encounter with the living Christ, and I believe that comes through the Word.”

In episode 28 we asked him a related question for pastors: Should a joyless pastor preach joy in God?

Earlier in the week we asked him to define godly leadership (episode 25) and he fielded a reader’s question about how to begin writing poetry (episode 24).

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