Five Lectures from John Piper on World Evangelism

Matthew 24:12-14 gives us the juxtaposition of two surprising things:

  1. the love of many will grow cold (v. 12),
  2. and the gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all peoples (v. 14).

The end of the age will be a giant glacier of lovelessness, but the gospel will also advance. This implies that someone's love hasn't grown cold. Someone is taking the gospel to the unengaged and unreached. There will be a band of someones who will finish the mission. And then the end will come.

This was John Piper's introduction to a series of lectures on world evangelism given at Westminster Theological Seminary in 1994. The content features the biblical and theological foundations to God's sovereignty in the mission of the church, including practical implications for how we join the mission.

Stream or download the lectures:


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