For All Who Ever Lost a Child

Suffering. Evil. Death. All of us experience them. They consume the lives of our precious loved ones — sometimes in unspeakably horrible ways. They bend us to the ground and produce tearful groanings too deep for words.

Jesus was not immune from these realities. Nor were those who found themselves caught in the cosmic crossfire surrounding the Incarnation. In Bethlehem, babies were killed because Jesus was born.

Reading what is perhaps his most loved story, The Innkeeper, Pastor John has us look into the face of tragedy, as experienced by Herod’s brutal slaughter of little boys. Then he turns us toward the shining face of hope. If we have the eyes of faith to see it, the sting of futility will be forever removed from death.

A year since it debuted, we post this video once again as a Christmas gift from all of us at Desiring God, especially for all who ever lost a child.