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We aim to provide online resources to help you embrace the truth that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. As I interact with our readers, I hear so many stories of the ways they use our resources on a daily basis. This interaction inspired me to use Desiring God resources in ways I hadn’t thought of and to compile a short list of simple ways you can use our resources during the week to maximize your joy.

1. Family Worship

Family worship should be an important part of every Christian family’s daily time together. This is a time set aside to read Scripture, pray, and meditate on God’s word as a family. Though it seems like it would be a simple task to implement, many families find it hard to do daily and some husbands often feel inadequate to lead. The failure to be consistent and the feelings of inadequacy to teach lead to guilt and sadness. Eventually we give up altogether, but the guilt never really fades. We know we need it, but we don’t know how to do it.

Instead of trying to do an in-depth study or read a long passage, we implemented Solid Joys Devotionals into our daily worship as a family. Solid Joys is a popular daily devotional app that provides short but substantive readings aimed to “feed your joy in Jesus every day of the year.” My wife and I try to read these every night and discuss the passage as well as the devotional. We use the readings to expose and confess sin as well as to remind us of how we can pray for one another. You can read the devotionals online or download at the App Store and Google Play.

2. Daily Devotional

Like family worship, many feel guilty that they don’t read the Scriptures daily. But if Scripture is the food that feeds our souls, we need to eat. Our Solid Joys devotional app or our daily articles, inspired by Scripture, are great resources to utilize as you try to begin a daily pattern of digging into the word.

As I mentioned above, the Solid Joys devotional app releases 365 devotionals every year for your joy. But did you know that publishes 12 new articles each week? That’s 624 articles each year. We also publish digital books, which also include devotionals and meditations from John Piper and other authors, which can be downloaded for free on our website. Our articles are meant to complement your daily Scripture reading, not replace it. We hope our exhortations convict and inspire you to read the word of God daily.

3. Daily Commute

Americans spend more than 100 hours commuting to work each year. One study revealed that this is more than the average two-week vacation time employees are rewarded each year. Imagine if you maximized that time to pursue joy in Jesus and feed your soul.

We offer two resources that are perfect for any morning or evening commute. Do you have a short commute? Download our Ask Pastor John app at the App Store or on Google Play. These are daily audio clips of Piper answering difficult pastoral and theological questions from readers just like you. The average episode is around eight minutes, making it perfect for a short commute.

If your commute is longer, consider our Sermon of the Day app — 365 of Piper’s most beloved and listened to messages, each one delivered to you every day of the year. Imagine the effect of beginning your day with biblical and passionate exhortation as you prepare to work for God’s glory and make war against the temptation that awaits you. Just download our Sermon of the Day app at the App Store or on Google Play and get ready to feast on God’s word with Piper five days a week.

4. In Depth Study

If you’re looking for a way to go deeper into Scripture, look no further. Thanks to Look at the Book, you can explore the Scriptures with Piper as if you were having a one on one Bible study with him in your home. Look at the Book lets you watch Piper mark up verses on your screen and teaches you how to read the Bible for yourself. Look at the Book teaches you the meaning of the texts and inspires you to dive deeper on your own.

These are great for private study but they could also be used with small groups. All you need is about an hour each week to give yourself time to listen to the session and then dig deeper on your own. Grab your Bible and markers, and prepare you heart to prayerfully study the Bible with Piper.

Endless Uses

I can write all day about the ways, times, and places you can use our resources to daily maximize your joy in Jesus. Whether you’re washing dishes, walking your dog, exercising, grocery shopping, or leading a small group, there is always a resource available that you can use to feed your soul, increase your joy, and encourage others. It is our prayer that you would use everything we publish to bring more glory to God by increasing your satisfaction in him.

What are some of the ways you use our resources? Leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter.

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