Fresh Advice for the New Semester

It’s that time of year. School is back in session, new relationships are burgeoning, and fresh patterns of life are forming. Back to school is a major season of transition in Western society and beyond.

To help you navigate these days, and make the most of the new semester, we went behind the blog for a deeper dive on two recent posts:

We also brought in a real-live, college-ministry professional to keep us on course. Matt Reagan is an elder at Bethlehem, director for Campus Outreach at the University of Minnesota, and has been working with college students for over a decade.

We hope this 33-minute episode will help students and parents and teachers alike, high schoolers and grad students, and especially college students, get oriented spiritually on the opportunities and pitfalls that come with new scholastic starts and life on the campus and in the classroom.

Back-to-school recommendations from Desiring God: