God’s Great and Precious Promises

UPDATE: Look at the Book is now live.

God has given us powerful means of knowing him and understanding his will for our life and this world. He’s given us a Book — pages and pages of truth, love, wisdom, and grace — pages of him.

Some of the most precious pieces of this Bible are the promises God makes to those who love and believe in him. These promises — awesome, undeserved, and unfailing — are one way God equips us to overcome the sinful desires we face every day. They’re weapons for the battle for faith, love, and purity. 2 Peter 1:3–4 explains what that war feels like for the follower of Jesus.

In this new Look at the Book video, John Piper models a method for studying verses like 2 Peter 1:3–4. He explains that with any passage in the Bible, we should be breaking down the paragraph into lines and studying how those lines relate to one another, paying special attention to the easily overlooked connecting words between lines.

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