Goodbye to Matt Perman

It is with a mixture of sadness, deep gratitude, and joyful trust in the sovereignty of God that I inform you that Matt Perman, our Director of Internet Strategies, is leaving the staff of Desiring God.

Matt first joined the staff of DG in 1998 as a Resource Consultant and was, along with Justin Taylor and others, a part of the remarkable first TBI class. He also ran the bookstore at Bethlehem Baptist Church for a season, which was sort of like giving a junkie the job of a drug store manager. In 2001-2002, Matt worked for DG remotely from Louisville while, in typical Permanesque fashion, cramming a 3-year MDiv degree from Southern Seminary into 2 years. In 2002, he came back on staff full-time as Director of Radionet (radio-internet) Strategies. Our radio program first aired in February 2004. That same year he began to address the "net" side of things and the rest is history.

On August 30, 2006, our new website went live and on September 30, 2006, we laid our traditional radio strategy to rest. Pursuing radio and internet strategies simultaneously was crucial to our understanding the nature and scope of the change occurring in media communications. It is simply hard to overstate the importance of Matt's leadership in helping us navigate these waters, and especially his vision for internet spreading. In two years, Matt went from barely a superficial knowledge of internet strategy to becoming a leader in our ministry field.

So why is he leaving? Believe me, John Piper and I did our level best to keep Matt. But dating from his college days, Matt has discerned what he believes is a calling to integrate spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples with vocational work in the secular marketplace. Through the summer Matt and I talked about this and a potential future at DG (which we both saw as bright!). After much prayer and counsel, Matt and Heidi determined that the Lord's time for them to transition is now. After pondering numerous position offers, they decided on a position at a large company in Des Moines, IA.

So today is Matt's last day. After 9 years it's hard for me to believe. We are sending Matt and Heidi off with our blessing. We wish they could stay, but the Lord has treated us far better than we deserve to have been able to have them so long and we have all been the beneficiaries of tremendous gifts through them. Thank you so much, Lord, for the gift of the Permans.