He Retired into Rural Missions

Adding to yesterday's post, here is one more quote by John Paton about his father. This time about how he didn't waste his final years, even though he remained where he had always lived:

For the last twelve years or so of his life, he became by appointment a sort of Rural Missionary for the four contiguous parishes, and spent his autumn in literally sowing the good seed of the Kingdom as a Colporteur of the Tract and Book Society of Scotland. His success in this work, for a rural locality, was beyond all belief.

Within a radius of five miles, he was known in every home, welcomed by the children, respected by the servants, longed for eagerly by the sick and aged ... He sang sweet Psalms beside the sick, and prayed like the voice of God at their dying beds. (John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides, p.18, paragraphing added)

The Lord calls many in their "autumn" to take on a new work in a new place. But he also calls some to remain faithful right where they are.

How might the Lord have you spend your twilight years?