How God Makes Our Nothing into Everything

The best place to be with empty hands is at the foot of the God who loves to make much of the least.

He is powerful enough to take the weak, and their nothing, and make it into everything for his glory and their everlasting joy. He is the God whose relentless pursuit of his own glory is not to our detriment but to our deepest satisfaction, both in enjoying him ourselves and in bringing others into such life-changing enjoyment.

Last week, John Piper was in Orlando to address the first Campus Outreach Global Staff Conference. In three fresh messages, he directs our attention to God’s pursuit of his own glory, the stunning ways in which God makes much of us, and the signal joy of being drawn into God’s global mission by being his gospel spokesmen.

The sequence of three messages is designed not only to expound the Campus Outreach mission statement (“glorifying God by building laborers on the college campus for the lost world”), but to draw us all into the God who is, who loves, and who makes much of us his gospel-couriers.

Both audio and full manuscripts are available: