Husbands, Address Her Inner Chaos

Wives are well acquainted with chaos. Whether it’s siblings bickering, piling laundry, random emergencies, or internal conflict, wives have to navigate chaos on a daily basis. When husbands step into the madness, they’re tempted to address external problems but ignore the root cause — sin in her heart.

In less than two minutes, Gloria Furman encourages husbands to lovingly address the chaos that comes from inside their wives. By doing this, husbands help their wives examine root issues, exposing sin that suppresses lasting joy.

The following is a lightly edited transcript of the video.

It is helpful for husbands to know that their stay-at-home wives are competent in doing so many things. Stay-at-home moms put out fires and tackle trouble. And it really helps for husbands to step in and help extinguish fires when they do start and spring up.

What is very helpful for me in particular is when my husband addresses the chaos that happens inside of me. When my husband addresses the chaos on the outside, that’s supportive. But when he speaks to my heart issue, that’s even more supportive, because the chaos inside affects everything I do and think on the outside.

When he lovingly steps in and says, “I wonder if this could be a sinful tendency of yours that introduces sin into a conversation that we are having about our days,” it helps me think underneath the list of things I did today. It helps me think deeper about my day and all of the things that I did. He is bringing in heart level things. And so I love when my husband does that for me and I think that is something that husbands can certainly do for their wives in a loving way.