Is God Calling You into Bible Translation?

Did you know that there are still over 2,000 languages in the world that don't have any of the Bible translated? That means that the more than 350 million people who speak those languages have very little or no access to the word of Christ and the faith that comes by hearing it (Romans 10:17).

Bible translation is a very strategic ministry. Cameron Townsend realized this. He once said, "The greatest missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue. It never needs a furlough, and is never considered a foreigner." That's why he established Wycliffe Bible Translators and gave it the global vision of seeing "God's Word, accessible to all people in the language of their heart."

Wycliffe isn't the only organization doing Bible translation, but they're a good one. And this summer, to help those who think translation may be the work God is calling them to, they're offering 5-day "Taste of Translation and Linguistics" (TOTAL) courses.

These courses will be taking place in several states and at several times over the next four months (see all dates and locations). The cost is just $225, and you can sign up on their website.

Check out this short video to get a better idea of what's involved: