Jesus and Cerebal Palsy

Jesus means everything to me. My life is worship.

Often we Christians throw around phrases like these, once full of meaning, but now uttered with too much flippancy and routine. But Rodger Frournoy, Jr. talks like this because he means it with all of his body and soul.

When I hear Rodger talk about what it’s like to live with cerebral palsy, and what Jesus means to him in the midst of his disability, I am brought to worship. It’s a wonderful thing for the church to tell stories like these. May God strengthen your faith as you meet Rodger.

Rodger’s story is produced by the Austin Stone Story Team and featured at the Storyframes Collective — a collaborative effort between The Gospel Coalition and the Austin Stone Church for the purpose of celebrating the extraordinary work of God in the lives of ordinary people. For more stories in film, photojournalism, spoken word, and writing, visit Storyframes online.

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