Leading the Church: Quotes from Doug Wilson

Session 5, Doug Wilson on "Father Hunger" in Leading the Church —

  • "Remember the good newsness of the gospel. The gospel is outside of us. It is for us, but is external to us."
  • "We must always remember the gospel because we are tempted to forget the gospel in throughout the busyness of ministry."
  • "We are privilege to carry around our sin the same way David carried Goliath's head."
  • "The gifts to the church are windows you look through, not murals you look at."
  • "Because we don't understand how imitation governs the world, we've neglected one of the most important realities we're to imitate."
  • "Grace and peace in your life come to you in a person, the Holy Spirit."
  • "The church needs fathers who model the Father."
  • "Unfortunately the church shows all the signs of being managed by ecclesiastical single moms."
  • "For several centuries we've exalted some very feminine virtues to the highest place in the church. If we don't know what masculine piety looks like and we've exalted feminine virtues then we're stuck."
  • "I believe honestly we're scared by masculine piety. We'd rather have sweet virtues."
  • "Generations of the 'nice young man'" in the church have been urged by the old ladies to consider the ministry."
  • "Authority flows to those who accept responsibility."
  • "There is the authority of office (i.e., having the checkbook) and the authority of blessing (i.e., money in the bank)."
  • "The reason the church is filled with pencil necks is because in many ways we've refused to worship God the Father in truth."
  • "When someone says they want to reivent themselves, that is a religious confession. Sexual expression is a religious expression."
  • "Sadly, standards have not slipped, they have changed. Or more bluntly, we have exchanged gods."
  • "If you don't like what you see around you, there is only one thing that must happen. We need to worship God the Father."
  • "Christians don't need to worry about how they vote, but how they worship."
  • "When God's people worship him he transforms them into his likeness."

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