Leading the Home: Quotes from Doug Wilson

Session 1, Doug Wilson on "'Father Hunger' in Leading the Home" —

  • "Begin with gospel, walk in the gospel, end with the gospel."
  • "Fatherhood in the home and pastoral care in the church are analogous activities. This makes sense only if they are related activities."
  • "When Paul considers the leadership of the church he doesn't first refer to a rigorous MDiv program."
  • "Is there anything that the Father has which he has withheld from us?"
  • "The way we image the Father is to be open-handed and generous in all that we have."
  • "Masculinity is the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility."
  • "Masculine toughness has to lay underneath masculine tenderness. It is a velvet covered brick."
  • "Biblical authority knows how to bleed for others."
  • "If you want to preach the gospel to your wife and to your children, then die."
  • "When men take up their responsibilites to provide and protect it resonates with their being. When men walk away from their responsibilities, they walk away from their assigned masculine identity."
  • "Men don't carry things because they have broad shoulders; they have broad shoulders because they are meant to carry things."
  • "Dads, your authority was given to you as a gift to your children."
  • "In the gospel, the fatherless no longer are."
  • "Fathers are speaking about God the Father constantly. They have no option to shut up."
  • "If we are strict where God is merciful and merciful where God is strict, then we are supplying the pole dancers of tomorrow's strip clubs. We are destroying people."
  • "The Father is not guilty of the sins you are repenting of. We have not truly repented if we turn to the Father thinking that he will receive us the same way we would have received ourselves before repentance."
  • "Know that your heavenly Father is looking down the road for you."

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