Lessons Learned from His Father: Quotes from Crawford Loritts

Session 2, Crawford Loritts on "Lessons Learned from His Father" —

  • "Greatness is not pop or fad. Greatness has a staying power."
  • "Manhood is not a private matter. It is a public thing. A man aspires to be the desired destination at which others arrive."
  • "This summarizes my dad: Stepping up, never walking away, if it belongs to you, you do something with it."
  • "There is a correlation between being a man and keeping promises."
  • "Every child is born with two broad categories of emotional need: nurture and discipline."
  • "Manhood is imprinted."
  • "Our disproportionate desire for relevance is injecting embalming fluid into the next generation."
  • "Out of struggle comes strength; out of strength comes discipline; out of discipline comes integrity; out of integrity comes inheritance."
  • "How people treat you should never define you. It's not what people call you, but what you answer to."
  • "All we have to give to the next generation is what we have become."
  • "You don't produce the fruit of the Spirit. It is the fruit of the Spirit."
  • "Repent of wallowing in our self pity and deifying our disfunction. Yield. 'God, I can't do this. Help me!' Believe him."

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