Love God with Your Mind

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John Piper’s latest book, Think, challenges readers to use their minds for the glory of God and in service to others.  We love the message of Think, as it matches the heartbeat of Crossway’s ministry, where we strive to publish books that challenge, encourage, and strengthen the church.

Below are a few classics and some newer resources you may not be aware of—books that we believe will serve you as a thoughtful Christian.

  • A Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy: Three Essential Books in One Volume: Including The God Who Is There, Escape from Reason, and He is There and He Is Not Silent, Francis Schaeffer’s theological trilogy engages contemporary cultural and worldview issues while rooting readers in biblical truth. Schaeffer considered these three books foundational to his life’s work.
  • Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics: R. C. Sproul is one of the preeminent pastors, theologians, and statesmen of his generation. His wisdom, clarity, and experience from years of ministry shine through in this logical, biblical defense of the Christian faith.
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