Meet the New

It’s a new site for a new year.

We spent a good deal of 2013 working on this redesign. Now 2014 is here, we’re live, and we’d love to have you help us spread the word.

This is an aesthetically driven redesign. We’ve retained the functionality of the old site, but we’re aiming to augment significantly the look and feel, to enhance the reader experience. In particular, there are major changes to the homepage to bring together, in one place, all our fresh daily content. We want to give you good reason to swing by the homepage daily.

To top it all off, here’s our new About video, narrated by John Piper. To date, it’s our most succinct and creative way of saying who we are.

One more thing to note: Perhaps the highest impact feature in this release is the mobile version of the site. During this past year, nearly 30% of the visitors to our site came through a mobile device. The new site is now optimized for both phone and tablet to better serve this increasing demographic of visitors.

Fresh from Desiring God on facing a new year: