New iPhone App: Ask Pastor John

Update: Ask Pastor John is now available in Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android devices (including Kindle Fire).

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the release of Desiring God’s new iPhone app Ask Pastor John, now available for free in the iTunes store.

Just this January, on John Piper’s 67th birthday, we relaunched the Ask Pastor John (APJ) podcast through Sound Cloud. The revitalized podcast provides daily audio clips of John answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

Already available are 40 new episodes — released five times each week, typically about 5 minutes long each. We call it a daily podcast, as we’re serving up something new each weekday. The new app is simple and easy to use. It plays the most recent seven episodes (and links to Sound Cloud for all episodes), includes a share feature, and provides an avenue for you to submit your questions for John to answer. For now, it’s available for iPhone only.

Special thanks go to Pastor John, who’s been willing to give us the extra recording time, as well as host Tony Reinke, who handles the lion’s share of the work it takes to make APJ happen.

We’re thrilled with this new channel for digesting APJ and pray God will richly bless you as you listen. Please help us spread the word.

Click here to download from iTunes the new APJ app for iPhone.

Free apps available from Desiring God: