Now Available: Disability Conference Audio and Video

The full media from our recent conference on disability is now available!

"The Works of God: God's Good Design in Disability," hosted Novemeber 8, featured four messages, a speaker panel, and a special testimony on God's sovereignty and goodness in disability. The audio and video of each resource can be streamed or downloaded by going to the respective links:

John Piper
"When Jesus Meets Disability: How a Christian Hedonist Handles Deep Disappointment"

Nancy Guthrie
"Thinking Like Jesus About Disability"

Mark Talbot
"Longing for Wholeness: Chronic Suffering and Christian Hope"

Greg Lucas
"Parenting When Your Heart Is Continually Crushed"

John Piper, Nancy Guthrie, Greg Lucas, Mark Talbot
"Speaker Panel"

Krista Horning
"Testimony of God's Good Design"