Now Available: National Conference Audio and Video

It was a memorable weekend (view the slideshow) for nearly 3,000 of us last Friday to Sunday, as we gathered for the Desiring God 2012 National Conference. We promised there that we'd aim to have the audio and video ready by today, and in God's kind providence, we're ready to deliver.

Below you'll find the plenary and breakout audio and video for streaming and download.

May God be pleased to use it in empowering you to "act the miracle" of sanctification.

Plenary Sessions

John Piper
"Prelude to Acting the Miracle: Putting Sanctification in Its Place"

Kevin DeYoung
"Incentives for Acting the Miracle: Fear, Rewards, and the Multiplicity of Biblical Motivations"

Ed Welch
"Sinners Learning to Act the Miracle: Restoring Broken People and the Limits of Life in the Body"

Jarvis Williams
"Acting the Miracle in the Everyday: Word of God, Means of Grace, and the Practical Pursuit of Maturity"

John Piper, Ed Welch, Kevin DeYoung, Jarvis Williams, Russell Moore
"Speaker Panel"

Russell Moore
"Acting the Miracle Together: Corporate Dynamics in Christian Sanctification"

John Piper
"Act the Miracle: Future Grace, the Word of the Cross, and the Purifying Power of God's Promises"


Forgotten Factors in Sanctification

Sanctification in the Seasons of Life (audio only)

Also download the list of songs from each worship session.