One International Family, Joyfully Laboring Together

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Pastor, Portland, Oregon

We are very excited about the short-term missions team of young people that have come to Bethlehem from the Dominican Republic. Over the next couple weeks they will be teaming up with members from Bethlehem to minister to Hispanics and Native Americans in Minnesota.

The team came to Desiring God yesterday for a visit, and infused our routine with their energy and enthusiasm.

We are thankful to God for the partnership we have with these brothers and sisters. Moreover, we are reminded that the gospel knows no cultural or national boundaries, and those who share in the gospel have brothers and sisters around the world. What a beautiful thing God is doing, uniting a people for himself from every tongue, tribe and nation!

is pastor of Sellwood Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Bethlehem Seminary. He and his wife have four children.