One Million Plays Later (Ask Pastor John)

Since launching the Ask Pastor John podcast in mid-January, we have released 112 episodes. And last weekend the podcast surpassed one million plays, which is a great time to hit pause and thank everyone who has been listening to the daily podcast either via Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, or through the iPhone or Android apps.

Thank you!

The stats are meaningful to us in as much as they represent a lot of real, thoughtful, inquisitive friends who are committed to living under God’s good authority in his revealed word. And while Pastor John may be perceived as something of a modern day Yoda (as one Twitter follower humorously suggested), he’s not infallible, and certainly doesn’t claim to be.

One great interest we have at Desiring God is to think with you about how God’s precious, perfect, and timeless word applies to the trickiest and thorniest questions of life and theology. To that end, we appreciate all the interest and support, the agreement and thoughtful disagreement (at times), and the thousands of questions that have come to us through email.

To mark the recent milestone, here’s a look back at the top-20 most played episodes (in descending order):

  1. Can a White Woman Marry a Black Man? (Episode 98)
  2. On Cussing (Episode 97)
  3. How Far Is Too Far Before Marriage? (Episode 73)
  4. Fighting Porn Addiction with Grudem’s Systematic Theology (Episode 18)
  5. How Does It Glorify God to Predestine People to Hell? (Episode 52)
  6. How Far Is Too Far Before Marriage, Spiritually and Emotionally? (Episode 84)
  7. When Jehovah’s Witnesses Knock at Your Door (Episode 78)
  8. A Response to the First Republican Senator to Support So-Called Gay Marriage (Special Episode)
  9. How to Fight Laziness (Episode 79)
  10. Christians and Marijuana (Episode 77)
  11. Do You Use Bible Commentaries Written by Women? (Episode 56)
  12. A Theology of Prayer in 3 Minutes (Episode 37)
  13. How to Handle Panhandlers (Episode 80)
  14. Can a Born-Again Christian Lose Salvation? (Episode 102)
  15. Does God Ever Withdraw His Presence from His Children? (Episode 19)
  16. Was Adam For Real, and Does It Matter? (Episode 4)
  17. Reflections from John Piper on His 67th Birthday (Episode 1)
  18. Boundaries for Non-Christian Friendships (Episode 100)
  19. Biblical Womanhood in Five Minutes (Episode 42)
  20. Is Jeremiah 29:11 a Promise to Christians? (Episode 101)