Serving One of the Least Religious Populations on Earth

Statistics about religion in the Czech Republic, especially in the last 20 years, are startling:

According to the 2001 census, 59% of the country is agnostic, atheist or irreligious . . . . From 1991 to 2001, the number of people identifying with no religion increased by 19.1%, or two million people, representing the largest group increase. Adherence to Christianity decreased by over one million persons.

These numbers are why Wikipedia can summarily state, "The Czech Republic has one of the least religious populations on Earth."

That's not the only news, though. Operation World reports that among Czechs, "New expressions of Christianity are springing up and connecting with the younger generation. Dynamic church planting, paired with creative ministry (teaching English, business-as-mission), sees fruit."

What's going on here? Tim Keller is probably right when he observes that the world, including Czechs, is "getting both more religious and less religious at the same time."

The non-churchgoing population in the United States and Europe is steadily increasing. . . . But as even more and more people identify themselves as having "no religious preference," certain churches with supposedly obsolete beliefs in an infallible Bible and miracles are growing. (The Reason for God, x. See book for Keller's citations)

Here's what all of this means: there is a growing need in the Czech Republic (and throughout the world) for more evangelism and more discipleship.

So what can we do from here—and now—to help meet these needs?

Today Desiring God is releasing, the Czech version of Join us in celebrating and spreading the word about this new site. Our prayer is that God would use these free resources to help save and disciple thousands of souls from among the 12 million Czech speakers in the Czech Republic and throughout the world.

Over the next year we plan on posting 1 new Czech sermon translation per week from our list of 52 key sermons by John Piper. We would love to continue translating and posting additional sermons beyond that, as the Lord provides.

If you or your church have any interest in helping fund the translation of Czech resources, please contact us at