Sin Blinds You to God’s Beauty

Piper’s 2015 Passion Message Now Available

What is your greatest problem? It might feel like any of a million different things at this particular moment. Maybe it’s your marriage, or your job, or your kids. The thought that immediately comes to mind might be your finances or your health.

Most Christians will know to say sin. Without a question, my greatest problem since the day I was born, and every moment until I die, is sin. It is the problem before, behind, and underneath every other problem I have.

But what precisely is the problem of my sin — at its deepest, darkest core — and how is that problem solved? John Piper says, “The ultimate problem of every human being is not merely that we are bent against God — which we are — but that we are blind to God.”

In these three minutes, John Piper explains that blindness to God is at the root of our rebellion against God. Sin is our greatest problem, but it as much about seeing wrongly as it is about doing wrongly. To be saved, we need to see. We need to have the eyes of our hearts opened to the beauty of God, which is revealed most fully and most powerfully in the person of Jesus Christ.

These three minutes were from the message “Why Do Christians Preach and Sing? Spectacular News and the Beauty of Christ.” You can watch the whole message from Passion 2015, now available in audio, video, and written form.

Piper: “We are not just in rebellion against the authority of God. We are blind to the beauty of God.”