Sinclair Ferguson on Union with Christ

We do not know what the apostle Paul says we know.

So says Sinclair Ferguson on Romans 6:6. Speaking to a gathering of pastors a couple years ago, Ferguson shared his sentiment that most people who sit before the preached word each week do not know what it means to be united to Jesus. And yet this doctrine is so central in how Paul conceives of what it means to be a Christian and a minister of the gospel. We want to know what it means.

There are some sermons we're shy to recommend, not because they're bad, but because they've been so helpful we fear we cannot do them justice. And we fear that their deep helpfulness to us can't be replicated for others. Well, this sermon is like that. A friend (so helped by it that he transcribed the whole thing) commended it to me. Now to you, here goes:

Watch or read "Paul on Union with Christ" (PDF) —

The outline:

  1. The Background to Paul's Theology of Union with Christ
  2. The Structure of Paul's Theology of Union with Christ
  3. The Central Role of Union in Paul's Gospel
  4. The Role of Union in Paul's Ministry