Start Reading Through the Bible This Summer

Reading through the entire Bible doesn't have to be a decision isolated to the first week of January. It may be something you want to start this summer.

Jason DeRouchie has recently completed a Bible reading plan that looks fantastic. It has a unique arrangement and it can be started at any time of the year.

Get a free download of The KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan (PDF).

DeRouchie lists its five distinctives:

  1. Proportionate weight is given to the Old and New Testaments in view of their relative length, the Old receiving three readings per day and the New getting one reading per day.
  2. The Old Testament readings follow the arrangement of Jesus’ Bible (Luke 24:44––Law, Prophets, Writings), with one reading coming from each portion per day.
  3. In a single year, one reads through Psalms twice and all other biblical books once; the second reading of Psalms (highlighted in gray) supplements the readings through the Law (Genesis–Deuteronomy).
  4. Only 25 readings are slated per month in order to provide more flexibility in daily devotions.
  5. The plan can be started at any time of the year, and if four readings per day are too much, the plan can simply be stretched to two or more years (reading from one, two, or three columns per day).