Surf Our Site in 10 Languages

If existed solely as an English website, we would have the potential to reach effectively only about 6% of the world's population.

That's because less than 400 million people speak English natively.1 It is true that English continues to become a more global language, that increasing millions speak it, at some level, as a second language. But second language learning — especially about God and his word — is something we can't settle with (this article explains why).

So in order to reach beyond the English language bubble, we have been in the process of creating translated "versions" of our website. These versions enable people to access and navigate our translated resources without having to know English.

Presently we have versions in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Persian, and Swahili. Go to any of those sites, and you can browse all of the resources we have in that particular language.

You can find these sites at any time by accessing our language menu, which is located in the top right corner of any page on our website.

Resources in additional languages can be found in our Language Index, which is also accessible via the language menu.

1Ethnologue, 16th ed. (2009)

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