Thank God for Matt Lund

Thank God for one of Desiring God's least thanked.

Matt Lund pours himself out to make the Desiring God Conference Bookstore the life-giving source of bargain-priced books it is.

Matt's been working faithfully for DG since 2002. Two years ago, he moved into his present bookstore role.

During a normal week, he stays almost invisible ordering, cataloguing, and shelving books at the Bethlehem bookstore--a mile from the DG offices and four thick floors from the Bethlehem offices where most of the weekday activity is.

Even at one of our Desiring God events, he's almost invisible--except to the trained eye who knows that this man runs the bookstore show, in the most holy of senses, and does whatever it takes to make the literary life flow. As conferences approach, his 9-to-5 becomes almost a 24-7.

Sometimes we try to recommend books for Matt to get at the Bethlehem bookstore, but almost invariably, he's already acquired them or at least has them on order. The man knows his stuff.

You can visit Matt this weekend at the Desiring God National Conference Bookstore--or in two weeks at our Regional Conference in Sacramento.

Matt, we thank God for your humble, diligent service. And for making so many good books available at such great prices!