The Day God Disciplined John Piper with a Kiss

I know God disciplines me, because the Bible tells me so, but how do I know when I am personally experiencing God’s discipline for my sin?

This question surfaced this week on the Ask Pastor John podcast. In part of his answer, Pastor John said this:

Here is one of the most remarkable things about God’s ordaining hard things in our lives in a disciplinary way. Jesus was disciplined and he never sinned. Hebrews 5:8 says Jesus “learned obedience through what he suffered.” Now a lot of people read that and they say, “Whoa! Learned obedience? You mean he stopped being disobedient, and became obedient, and thus he sinned?” No. That is not what it says; that is not what it means.

When it says he “learned obedience” it means he moved from one degree of obedience to another as he grew. He is learning at each stage the actual implementation of his obedient heart in acts of obedience. And he is doing it “through what he suffered.” Which means that God ordained suffering in the life of Jesus to bring him to the fullest expression of obedience.

Now the reason that is important is because we, I think, forget that God’s hand of discipline may be on us not simply to spank us because we have been bad, but to stretch us and broaden us in what we are doing well. . . . In other words, God is always disciplining us. He is always doing things good, hard, and gentle to us. . . .

The person who asks, “Well, then how do I know if I am being disciplined?” — what they are really asking is this: “How do I know if I have sinned?” And the answer to that question is: read your Bible. Don’t base your conclusion about whether you have done something wrong on how God is treating you, because that is going to be very confusing. Sometimes he treats you way better than you deserve, and sometimes he spanks you in order to bring it to your attention — but you can’t tell which it is.

Pastor John illustrated this point with a personal story of a time when God disciplined him for a sin, not with a rod or whip or through pain, but with a divine kiss of blessing. You can hear the entire recording in episode 45.

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