The Doctrines of Grace Are My Life

Calvinism is one of the most controversial conversations in Christianity today. In this new video, Pastor John Piper shares why the doctrines of grace have been some of the most precious and practical truths of his ministry. I wonder whether you’ve avoided the question all together. You might have met Calvinists that seem cold, arrogant, and disconnected from real life. Or you’ve known awful suffering — cancer, abuse, tragedy, or worse — and the idea of God’s absolute sovereignty absolutely terrifies and offends you.

But what if you’re missing a massive anchor for your soul and ministry? What if you haven’t yet seen threads throughout Scripture that could strengthen and sustain you like nothing you’ve ever known before? For many, these doctrines of God’s sovereign grace have been a safe, strong, joy-filled place to stand, a foundation from which to live and serve, even in the worst times.

Piper is one such man, a pastor who has rested and ministered in these provocative, proven, and life-saving truths for more than three decades. And he never treasured them more than the day he was diagnosed with cancer. These seven short minutes reveal his heart and experience, and commend Calvinism to you once more. If it’s true, it just might shape and secure your life and faith in ways you never expected.