The Gospel Shadow of Adoption: Amos’s Story

I was once an orphan with no hope, no purpose, no aim, but God in his kindness . . .

These words are true for all of us who are now in Jesus by faith. Oh how easy it is to forget it, and shy away from coming to a deep understanding of what it means to be an orphan, and what it means to be adopted, to be rescued, from hopelessness.

Aaron and Jamie Ivey were given a unique perspective on what it means to be adopted by God through their two-and-a-half-year journey to bring home their son. This is Amos’s story.

But God in his kindness brought Amos home and gave him a new name. May this story be a reminder of what a beautiful gospel shadow adoption is and that no matter what your past is, if you are in Jesus by faith, there is a “but God in his kindness” in your story.

But God in his kindness saw me and adopted me into his family, changed my past, changed my future, changed everything about me. We’ve been adopted. –Aaron Ivey

Video produced and directed by Jeremy Rodgers in collaboration with Deidox and Austin Stone. Also Jamie Ivey’s perspective of the story is told in an 8-minute video from Austin Stone.