This Week's Sermon: "God Created Man Male and Female: What Does It Mean to Be Complementarian?"

“When it comes to human sexuality,” John Piper begins, “the greatest display of God’s glory, and the greatest joy of human relationships, and the greatest fruitfulness in ministry come about when the deep differences between men and women are embraced and celebrated as complements to each other.”

This is a way of life shaped by Scripture and thus it rejects two kinds of errors: One side is chauvinistic, harsh, and abusive under male domination. It is rejected. The other side is sex-blind, gender-leveling, and neutered under a unisex culture. It also is rejected.

Examining key biblical texts, John Piper explains what it means to be “complementarian” — that is, the way we understand God’s purposes for how men and women relate to each other in family and church and society. 

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