Three Sermons on the Tragedy of Abortion

On the third Sunday of each January, John Piper preaches a sermon on abortion, exposing the injustice and providing a biblical defense for the sanctity of human life.

Here are three notable sermons you might consider listening to and passing on to others:

Abortion: You Desire and Do Not Have, So You Kill (1987)

  • In this sermon John Piper answers three foundational questions regarding abortion: What is happening? Why is it happening? What should our response be?

Abortion, Race, Gender, and Christ (2005)

  • In this sermon John Piper connects the millions of abortions around the world to the outworking of sexism and racism.

The Baby in My Womb Leaped for Joy (2009)

  • At one point in this sermon John Piper addresses President Obama about pro-choice legislation and prays "[M]ay God grant that there arises in your heart an amazed and happy reverence for the beginning of every human life."


For more on this subject, see R. C. Sproul's book Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue, 2nd edition, (Lake Mary: Reformation Trust, 2010).