Two More Responses to Claims of Contradiction

On Friday we pointed to Justin Holcomb's response to Project Reason and Fast Company's mutual misrepresentation of the Bible. Since that post, a couple other notable responses have been issued as well.

While Holcomb gives a solid, high-level answer to the "contradictions in Scripture" claim, Doug Wilson's response serves readers by getting nitty-gritty with a sampling of supposedly contradictory verses and showing how, in context, they aren't antithetical after all.

And Matt Perman's response is helpful in its diagnosis of what is really happening when we think we see contradictions in the Bible, and why identifying and chasing them down (as Wilson has done) is really a healthy and good thing for Christians to do, by God's design. (Matt too chases one down: the classic example of Romans 4:2-4 versus James 2:21.)

In addition to these responses, Justin Taylor has suggested some good reading on the subject.