What Is a Kid's Bible Good For?

My wife and I just finished reading through The Big Picture Story Bible with our 2-year-old for his bedtime devotions. We went from Creation to Revelation in 26 simply-told and colorfully-drawn stories. Obviously, a lot has to be skipped over in order to sum up the Bible in 26 segments. But that's this book's whole point: to sum it all up; to give kids the gist of God's word. The whole point of the story of redemption is Jesus, “the forever king.”

Nothing I say could emphasize the value of books like this more than just quoting my son. For the last several minutes he has been reading this book to himself and making up songs about the pictures that he recognizes.

At the beginning of the book, he sang:

Adam and Eve were deceived.
Adam and Eve were deceived.

Then a few pages further, he continued:

Let me find the Philistines.

Finally, he skipped way ahead:

Dying for our sins.
Dying for our sins.
Love me, Jesus. Love me, Jesus.

Jesus and me. Jesus and me.

After that, he put the book aside and went to play with his dump truck.

It is invaluable to me as a dad that my child wants to read and know the Bible. After playing with Fisher-Price people, and before moving on to his Tonka Truck, he wants to sing about Jesus! Obviously, there is more to that than a bulky, brightly-colored, picture Bible, but it sure does help.