What We May Actually Believe

In his article, "Pursuing the Servant's Mindset" (PDF), Stuart Scott explains the biblical concept of pride. He writes:

What's the definition of pride?

If we could sum it up, it's the mindset of self, the pursuit of self-exaltation, a focus on the desire to control all things for self. In exalting himself, the person actually believes, "I am valuable and worthy. I am the source of anything good or wise or successful. I deserve the credit for whatever I achieve or acquire. I deserve love, admiration, and respect. All good things are from me, through me and to me. All honor and glory should go to me for my enjoyment and pleasure."

Our instinct is to say, as Nebuchadnezzar did when he walked on the rooftop overlooking Babylon, "Isn't this Babylon that I have built by the power of my hands and for my glory?" Most people don't say those things out loud, but that is what they are thinking and how they are living (10, paragraphing mine).