What Will It Mean to Live for Christ This Week?

Pastor John from December 28, 1981:

“For me to live is Christ!” But very specifically that must mean: “For me to live is Christ’s mission.” “As the Father has sent me,” Jesus said, “so send I you.”

In 1982 my life must be Christ, and that means, “Christ for others.” If I am not Christ for others, I am not Christ at all. If I can really say, “It is not I who lives, but Christ who lives in me,” then I must live for others. There is only one kind of Christ who lives, and that is the Christ for others. If he is alive in me, he will be alive for others. I am hungry. I am thirsty to let this Christ go from our midst. Christ the Tiger. Christ, the all-night pray-er. Christ the seeking shepherd. Christ the toucher of lepers. Christ the unanswerable witness.

Excerpted from "We Have Not Because We Ask Not".