What Would Jesus Pray?

Prayer is quite possibly the most important thing you will do today. And yet most people feel lost alone with the Lord. They don’t know what to do or how to persevere when prayer feels difficult, boring, or unfamiliar.

What should I be praying for anyway?
How many times should I pray for the same thing?
What should I even call God?

Look at the Book was created to help you see glorious, practical things for yourself in God’s word. Whether you are asking a specific question (for instance, about prayer) or just needing spiritual food for the day, this tool will help you take the next step as you seek to know, enjoy, and share Jesus.

In this three-part series through the Lord’s Prayer, Piper puts in place some major principles for a lifetime of prayer. As a banner over it all, he calls us all to plead daily with our Redeemer and Sustainer, “God, grant me what I need to make your name great in the world.”

Part 1: Your Kingdom Come

Who is this God to whom we pray? Jesus calls him a Father, and teaches us to do the same. Then he introduces three massive, global pleas we should ask for daily. There are prayer-life-changing glories to be seen in these most familiar words if we slow down enough to see them.

Part 2: Deliver Us from Evil

Jesus’s prayer for you is clear: Today, you need God to provide for you, forgive you, and deliver you. Every single day, you need God to move in these three ways. In this lab, John Piper unfolds these simple, but critical prayers.

Part 3: Hallowed Be Your Name

There is no more familiar prayer in the Bible than the Lord’s Prayer. In the last lab of his three-part series, John Piper highlights two major new insights he’s seen over the years in the structure and relationships within this paradigm-creating prayer of Jesus. Maybe you too will see something you never saw before.