When Preaching Becomes Plagiarism

When has a preacher crossed the line into plagiarism in his sermon?

Matt Perman, senior director of strategy at DG, has posted his response today at The Gospel Coalition Blog. It follows in a series on plagiarism that began earlier this week, which also includes posts by Don Carson, Sandy WillsonTim Keller, Glenn Lucke and Collin Hansen (the last two forthcoming; read Hansen's introduction to the series).

After explaining his answer, Matt gives this encouraging takeaway:

Just be free about letting people know the sources of your ideas and where you have learned things. This doesn’t diminish your credibility at all, and in fact benefits your listeners and the church by letting people know about other helpful teachers and resources. And it gives them confidence that you are always learning from others, rather than a solo shop. Let your default be to tell your congregation what you are reading and where you have learned things.

Matt Perman blogs regularly at What's Best Next.