Episode 1238

How Do We Respect Others While Rejecting Their False Beliefs?

Topic: Evangelism
How do we respect Buddhist priests? How about imams? Pastor John helps explain how to treat everyone with respect but still make our differences known.
Episode 1237

Piper’s Reflections After a Mainline Church Service

Topic: Church Practices, The Church
Pastor John shares six tragic observations from a mainline church, and a helpful report card to check our tendencies to make assumptions about God.
Episode 1236

What Can We Learn from the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon?

Topic: Homosexuality, Men, Worldview
Jordan Peterson has a bestselling book and a fast-growing following, especially among young men. What should Christians learn from him?
Episode 1235

Why Is My Child Disabled?

Topic: Disease & Sickness, The Sovereignty of God
God could have prevented every disability we know today, but he didn’t. And he has ten thousand reasons why.
Episode 1234

Three Threats to the Joy of This Generation

Topic: Christian Hedonism, The Glory of God
God wants his people to have serious joy. But at least three obstacles threaten the joy and the seriousness of this generation.
Episode 1233

What’s the Point of My Life?

Topic: Christian Hedonism, The Christian Life
All people want to be a part of something larger than themselves. This is no accident. God designed you to join him in his goal of global glory.
Episode 1232

John Piper’s Most-Used Promises

Topic: Bible Memory, The Sovereignty of God
We kill sin with superior promises. John Piper shares his most-used promises and how they have served him over the decades.
Episode 1231

How to Win the War for Morning Devotions

Topic: Bible Reading
When you wake up more interested in Twitter than God’s word, the battle is not lost. It has just begun. Fight to get into his word.
Episode 1230

The Miracle of Waiting Faithfully

Topic: Prayer, Waiting
Whether we’re hoping for a job, a spouse, or something else, no one likes to patiently wait. But God transforms us in our waiting.
Episode 1229

How Do I Cling to God — When Life Feels Easy?

Topic: Pursuit of Holiness, Spiritual Warfare
We’re needy people. But when life’s going well, we often forget just how needy we really are.