Episode 1380

What Does the Bible Say About ‘National Coming Out Day’?

Topic: Homosexuality
Our culture may celebrate sin and stifle truth, but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope. God can still grant an awakening.
Episode 1379

How Do We Respond When a Pastor Leaves the Faith?

Topic: Perseverance of the Saints
If we believe in the sovereignty of God, then how do we explain friends or prominent leaders who turn their backs on Jesus?
Episode 1378

How Much ‘Lover’ Language Should We Use in Worship Songs?

Topic: Corporate Worship
Our song choices influence our churches nearly as much as our sermons. If we don’t choose our music with care, we aren’t shepherding well.
Episode 1377

Should We Call Out False Teachers or Ignore Them?

Topic: False Teaching
False teachers threaten churches all over the world. Every Christian, and especially pastors, should know how to respond to their danger.
Episode 1376

How Do I Submit to My Unbelieving Husband?

Topic: Manhood & Womanhood, Marriage
A wife’s submission to her husband is qualified submission. She follows Jesus first, and then does whatever she can to honor her husband’s leadership.
Episode 1375

Is Everyone Punished the Same in Hell?

Topic: Heaven & Hell
The Bible describes degrees of happiness for the saints in heaven. Does that mean there are degrees of despair in hell?
Episode 1374

John Piper’s Most Bizarre Moment in Preaching

Topic: Joy, Preaching & Teaching
If John Piper wants Christians to find their ultimate happiness and joy in God, why hasn’t he ever told a joke from the pulpit?
Episode 1373

Who Is John Piper?

Topic: Education & Ministry
We make plans and prepare for what’s ahead, but only God orders our steps. Pastor John shares his path toward a lifetime of fruitful ministry.
Episode 1372

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Topic: Baptism & Membership, Salvation
The Bible commands us to be baptized, but what does the water actually do? Does it save us, like 1 Peter 3:21 appears to say?
Episode 1371

We’re Back! — Update from John Piper

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
John Piper recently finished a book on the providence of God — the purposeful sovereignty of a heavenly Father who loves and cares for his children.