Episode 1404

How Can I Revitalize My Church from the Pulpit?

Topic: Preaching & Teaching
Whether a church is healthy or needs revitalization, every local congregation needs a consistent window to the greatness and glory of God from the pulpit.
Episode 1403

What Happens When We Sing Together

Topic: Corporate Worship
Singing together is never just a formality in a church service. God uses truth in song to sustain, encourage, and recharge his people.
Episode 1402

Why Do I Still Struggle with My Pre-Conversion Sins?

Topic: Killing Sin
Every believer is already new in Christ, and yet vestiges of our old selves remain. We must fight every day to become who we already are.
Episode 1401

My Life Is Endless Drudgery — How Do I Find Joy in Christ?

Topic: Hope
The burdens and drudgery of life may feel like walls keeping you from joy. But inside these walls, God Almighty is working for your everlasting good.
Episode 1400

How Do We Feast to the Glory of God?

Topic: Creation, Gratitude
If God made everything good, then do we honor him just by using what he has made? Pastor John explains the essential steps to God-honoring feasting.
Episode 1399

How Should I Handle My Regrets?

Topic: The Unwasted Life
Every single one of us can look over our lives and find failures we regret. How do we deal with remorse in light of God’s mercy?
Episode 1398

Is It Sinful to Watch Sin on a Screen?

Topic: Technology, Pursuit of Holiness
Our culture saturates itself with entertainment that hardly gives a passing thought to God. Should Christians consume such media?
Episode 1397

Is the God-Centeredness of God Precious?

Topic: The Glory of God
When you discover that God is not only perfectly glorious, but that everything he does is for his glory, your life may get flipped upside down.
Episode 1396

How Do I Stay Attracted to My Aging Spouse?

Topic: Marriage
Sexual desire doesn’t begin and end with physical attraction. God made us to cherish inner beauty and glory, not just looks that pass with age.
Episode 1395

Will We Pray in Heaven?

Topic: Prayer, Heaven & Hell
If heaven is a world of love, with no grief or pain or loss, then will we have any need to pray to God once we are there?