Episode 1611

How Does Chronic Pain Glorify God?

Why might God allow his children to endure years, or even decades, of unremitting suffering? How does such chronic pain bring him glory?
Episode 1610

Escape the World’s Infatuation with Sex

Sexual Purity
The deepest cure for lust never comes from strategies or accountability. The deepest cure comes from seeing the soul-staggering grandeur of God.
Episode 1609

How Will Heaven Change Our Joy?

Joy, Christian Hedonism
Joy isn’t just a nice byproduct of the Christian life, but an essential part of it. From propitiation to glorification, joy animates our life in Christ.
Episode 1608

How Does Easter Change Us?

Christ’s resurrection secures our future hope that we too will rise one day. In the meantime, it also grants us spiritual power for everyday life.
Episode 1607

What You Need More Than Self-Confidence

Pride & Humility
Everything good in the Christian life grows in the soil of rich, deep, and happy humility.
Episode 1606

What Didn’t Christ Accomplish?

The Death of Christ
The cross of Christ accomplished everything we need to glorify God by being eternally happy in him. But is there anything the cross didn’t accomplish?
Episode 1605

How Can I Serve the Dying?

Death & Dying
When you have the privilege of caring for dying people, how can you minister to their souls in addition to meeting their physical needs?
Episode 1604

What Is the Gospel For?

The Gospel
Forgiveness, justification, adoption, and eternal life are all a means to something even greater: enjoying God himself.
Episode 1603

How Can I Fight Sin Without Losing Sight of Christ?

Pursuit of Holiness, Killing Sin
Christians rest on Jesus not only for justification, but also for sanctification. Both are blood bought. Both are certain.
Episode 1602

I Feel Called to Missions — Should I Date Someone Who Doesn’t?

Marriage, Knowing God’s Will
If I feel called to missions, should I be open to dating a Christian who doesn’t share the same calling?