Episode 1147

What Value Is the Old Testament to the Christian Life?

Topic: The Christian Life, Bible Reading
All Scripture is profitable — not just the pages of the New Testament. But how should Christians read the Old Testament in light of Christ’s coming?
Episode 1146

Does God Love the Non-Elect?

Topic: Predestination
God has a special love for his adopted children, but that does not mean he has no love for those who reject him.
Episode 1145

Do Non-Christians Ever Please God?

Topic: Justification
Can a non-Christian ever please God? If not, how should we understand the account of Cornelius in Acts 10?
Episode 1144

What’s Wrong with Dressing Immodestly for Attention?

Topic: Women
When billboards, TV commercials, and even dolls tell women that beauty comes from tight, trim-cut clothing, how can we cultivate beauty in the heart?
Episode 1143

To Discouraged Pastors and Their Wives

Topic: Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry
What should a pastor do if he feels discouraged, defeated, and almost ready to quit? Pastor John gives a series of diagnostic questions.
Episode 1142

Why ‘Falling Out of Love’ Never Justifies Divorce

Topic: Divorce & Remarriage
Staying married is not first about staying in love. It’s about keeping a covenant that reflects Jesus’s own commitment to his bride — the church.
Episode 1141

Deep Bible Reading Strategies for the Tired and Busy

Topic: Bible Reading
Deep study of Scripture yields deep payoffs, but many of us can’t engage in rigorous study every day. So how do we strike a proper balance?
Episode 1140

A New Year, A New Bible Reading Plan

Topic: Bible Reading
We need to read large sections of Scripture and stop to meditate on short passages. Pastor John recommends a reading plan that allows you to do both.
Episode 1139

I’m Retired and Want to Do Missions — What’s My First Step?

Topic: Retirement
Retirees, what a glorious exchange it would be to give up our golf game and bridge club for the mission field. But where should we start?
Episode 1138

Where Is Heaven Right Now?

Topic: Heaven & Hell
We can say with confidence God does not dwell in a geographic place we could go to in a spaceship. So what can we say about the location of heaven?