Episode 1539

Are Our Standards for Sexual Purity Too High for Pastors?

Sexual Purity
Is faultless chastity an appropriate standard for pastors, or are our expectations simply too high?
Episode 1538

My Suffering Feels Meaningless — What Can I Do?

Sometimes pain seems meaningless, but in Christ, every millisecond of your suffering is producing for you an eternal weight of glory.
Episode 1537

How Can I Love God More Than My Boyfriend?

Dating & Singleness
As a couple’s affection for one another deepens, how can they make sure they are loving God more than each other?
Episode 1536

Is My Suffering a Correction for Sin?

When trials come, how can I know whether God is calling me to patiently endure, or whether he wants me to repent of a specific sin?
Episode 1535

How Do We Get Tricked into Sinning?

When we obey sin, we obey a liar, a deceiver, a murderer. Sin is a slave master who tricks his subjects into eternal death.
Episode 1534

Why Did Demons Ask Jesus for Pigs?

Spiritual Warfare, Money
When Jesus comes, he brings deliverance, freedom, grace, and power. But some people prefer what life is like without him.
Episode 1533

Why Do I Need to Read the Bible When We Have Bible Teachers Online?

Bible Reading
Today more than ever, Christians have access to a wealth of faithful Bible teaching online. So, why do we need to read the Bible for ourselves?
Episode 1532

Dismiss the Devil with a Song

Singing together is not merely the prelude to the sermon. When God’s people sing from the heart, more happens than we imagine.
Episode 1531

Is Enjoying God the Same as Glorifying God?

Christian Hedonism
“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.” Does that mean enjoying God and glorifying God are the same thing?
Episode 1530

Why Is the Bible So Violent?

The Bible depicts more violence than our modern sensibilities often want to admit. How do we handle these parts of Scripture when we come across them?