Episode 1312

I’m an Anxious Person — How Do I ‘Rest in Christ’?

Topic: The Unwasted Life, Fear & Anxiety
In Jesus, God has given us what we need to rest — even while we work. To every anxious soul, Jesus says, “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”
Episode 1311

How Can I See the Beauty of God?

Topic: Arts & Literature, The Glory of God
Seeing and loving art and seeing and loving divine glory are not the same. They require different ways of seeing. So how can we see the beauty of God?
Episode 1310

Is Street Evangelism Better Than Building Relationships?

Topic: Evangelism
God has not given us a formula for when to share the gospel quickly and when to share over time in the context of a relationship. Both are needed.
Episode 1309

Why Global Missions Requires Healthy Churches

Topic: Frontier Missions, World Missions, The Church
The Great Commission isn’t disconnected from the church — it’s given to the church. God designed the local church and missions to be wed together.
Episode 1308

Should Hell Motivate Our Missionaries?

Topic: Frontier Missions, World Missions
We cannot afford to ignore hell. Christians must care about suffering, but especially eternal suffering. And it must mobilize us to go and to send.
Episode 1307

I Feel Trapped in My Job — What Should I Do?

Topic: Work & Vocation
We were made to work, and we are happy only if we do work. But what should we do if our job makes us feel trapped, not fulfilled?
Episode 1306

How Your Career Could Crush You

Topic: Work & Vocation
If we are not finding purpose in our work from God, then we will likely turn our job into a means of self-fulfillment and self-advancement.
Episode 1305

Is Investing in Stocks Any Better Than Gambling?

Topic: Money, Retirement
Wherever we put our money, we are accepting risk. So is there any difference between educated sports gambling and investing in stocks?
Episode 1304

Did Jesus Endorse Polygamy in the Parable of the Ten Virgins?

Topic: Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage
“The bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast.” Did Jesus endorse polygamy here?
Episode 1303

Why Is God Withholding Marriage from Me?

Topic: Dating & Singleness, Waiting
How can single people who desire marriage keep those desires in proper perspective? Pastor John offers six ways to cultivate godly desire.