Episode 1355

Should My Boyfriend and I Travel Alone?

Topic: Dating & Singleness, Sexual Purity
Is it wise for a girlfriend and boyfriend to travel together and stay in the same hotel? Should they? Pastor John gives three reasons why they shouldn’t.
Episode 1354

Do Human Technologies Ever Threaten Divine Sovereignty?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
At any moment, God can put a complete stop to the plans of man. Rebellious human plans never threaten a sovereign God.
Episode 1353

Was Job a Man or a Myth?

Job is a profound book on human suffering, worthy of a lifetime of study. But was Job himself a real, historical character? And does it matter?
Episode 1352

Why Does God Discipline Some Christians with Death?

Topic: Death & Dying, The Sovereignty of God
Why would God take some of his children home as a means of discipline when he could have prevented their sin another way?
Episode 1351

How Do I Kill My Pride?

Topic: Pride & Humility
Faith kills pride by forcing us to look away from ourselves to God to receive the gift of salvation that we could never earn on our own.
Episode 1350

Do I Need to Love Myself More?

Topic: Life Issues, Identity in Christ
Jesus said we should love our neighbors as ourselves. How is this kind of self-love different from the mantra we hear in advertising and social media?
Episode 1349

How Much Authority Does Satan Have in the World?

Topic: Satan, The Sovereignty of God
All Satan’s power is by permission. He has no authority to do anything God does not permit for infinitely wise purposes.
Episode 1348

Are Christians Righteous or Unrighteous?

Topic: Justification, Sanctification & Growth
Are Christians righteous or unrighteous? Pastor John explains two forms of righteousness in Scripture that get to the core of the gospel.
Episode 1347

Should We Postpone Children While I Finish My Degree?

Topic: Marriage & Family, Children
Deciding when to start a family can be complex. Pastor John shares how he and Noël decided, and what biblical truths should inform the process.
Episode 1346

Why Is It Better That Christ Went Away (John 16:7)?

Topic: The Holy Spirit, The Supremacy of Christ
It’s better for us that Jesus is gone. He said so when he left. But why is Christ’s physical absence from us better for us than his physical presence?