Episode 1214

What 40-Year-Old David Platt Would Say to His 20-Year-Old Self

Topic: The Unwasted Life, World Missions
David Platt, like all of us, has past regrets and future hopes. Here’s what he would say to his 20-year-old self.
Episode 1213

Isn’t the Joy-Centered Life Just an Emotional Roller Coaster?

Topic: Assurance of Salvation, Christian Hedonism
If our affections are the thermometer of our relationship with God, how can we remain stable through all our emotional ups and downs?
Episode 1212

How Do I Find God’s Will for My Life?

Topic: Knowing God’s Will
Security, comfort, and wealth aren’t the primary guides for our job decisions. God is. But how do we discern his will?
Episode 1211

Does Scripture Forbid Entrepreneurs from Raising Big Money?

Topic: Money, The Unwasted Life
A bank account with seven, eight, or nine zeros is not necessarily sinful. But it is dangerous for hearts that easily treasure dollar signs.
Episode 1210

How Do I Overcome Crippling Self-Consciousness?

Topic: Indwelling Sin, Identity in Christ
An excessive self-focus leads to either discouragement or pride. So what steps can we take to conquer the curse of self-consciousness?
Episode 1209

Where Is Satan Most Visibly Active Today?

Topic: Satan
Wherever saving truth is hated, distorted, and muted, Satan is at work. Our best weapon against him is to tell and live the truth.
Episode 1208

A Word to Strengthen Parents of Disabled Children

Topic: Parenting, Disease & Sickness
Caring for a disabled child often goes unthanked and unrecognized in this world. But God sees every sacrifice, and he will reward you.
Episode 1207

How Do I Overcome My Fear of Death?

Topic: Death & Dying
Everything we need in life and death was bought by the blood of Jesus. We have nothing to fear — not even death.
Episode 1206

Should Christians Save for Retirement?

Topic: Money, Retirement
The Bible doesn’t have a category for retiring from ministry. We may retire from a paid vocation, but never from loving and serving others.
Episode 1205

Drug Users and Christian Hedonists — Aren’t Both Just Chasing the Next High?

Topic: Christian Hedonism, Joy
Both drug users and Christians feel ups and downs. But the parallels end there. Pastor John gives five reasons why the experiences are different.