Episode 1421

How Should I Parent My Non-Christian Teen?

Topic: Parenting
Should parents require non-Christian teens to attend church with them? And if so, how do they avoid creating hypocrites of their kids?
Episode 1420

Are Hell and the Cross Overkill for Sin?

Topic: The Death of Christ, Imputed & Original Sin
The cross will seem like an overreaction as long as man is big and God is small. The essence of sin is not harm done to man, but indignities done to God.
Episode 1419

How Do We Respond to Claims That Christianity Is Dangerous?

Topic: Social Issues
How should Christians live in a culture that increasingly views our faith as bigoted, immoral, and even dangerous?
Episode 1418

What Every Marriage Needs Most

Topic: Marriage
What our marriages need most is probably not new and novel counsel from the latest book or seminar, but this one piece of timeless, biblical truth.
Episode 1417

How Do I Respond to Sexual Dreams?

Topic: Sexual Purity
What do sexually illicit dreams reveal about our souls? Pastor John offers biblical principles for understanding dreams and practical ways to overcome them.
Episode 1416

What Should I Expect My First Time Through the Bible?

Topic: Bible Reading
What can you expect when you set out on a journey through the entire Bible? Pastor John offers three cautions and nine life-transforming hopes for every Bible reader.
Episode 1415

Are Personal Resolutions Effective or Futile?

Topic: Sanctification & Growth
Are New Year’s resolutions helpful, are they harmful, or are they just a setup for eventual failure?
Episode 1414

I Have a New Journaling Bible — How Should I Mark It Up?

Topic: Bible Reading
Journaling Bibles can be a great way to go deeper in God’s word, but many feel paralyzed, not knowing what to write (or not).
Episode 1413

How Concerned Should Christians Be with Consumerism?

Topic: Money
In our good concern for what and how we consume, how do Christians keep from being consumed by ethical consumerism?
Episode 1412

Why Was Christ Born into This World?

Topic: The Birth of Christ
The wonder and glory of Christmas will never dry up because the manger lets loose waterfalls of mercy that will flow forever.