Episode 1649

Why Comfortable Christians Go Prayerless

Until we come awake to the great spiritual war that surrounds us, we will never truly know the privilege and power of prayer.
Episode 1648

Do Angels Walk Among Us Today?

Spiritual Warfare
Hebrews tells us that, by showing hospitality to strangers, “some have entertained angels unawares.” Does this suggest that angels walk among us in human form?
Episode 1647

On Codependent Dating Relationships

Dating & Singleness
God made us to need other people — but not to be codependent on them. So, how can we tell the difference between healthy need and disordered neediness?
Episode 1646

Why Would God Create a Baby to Live for Two Minutes?

With eternity in view, any span of life is a vapor. However long we live, our time here is preparation for the endless days of heaven.
Episode 1645

Should We Watch for Signs from God?

The Sovereignty of God
Some Christians seem to be always on the lookout for signs from God in creation or circumstances. Does the Bible encourage us in that search?
Episode 1644

Should Christians Visit Cemeteries?

Death & Dying
Should Christians make a habit of visiting loved ones’ graves? And if we do visit, how can we honor Christ in the cemetery?
Episode 1643

One Surprising Reason for Pain

Many wonder how a good God could govern a world filled with pain. But sometimes, pain becomes the very means God uses to awaken us to his goodness.
Episode 1642

Who Is the Disciple Jesus Loved?

The Gospel of John speaks of a “disciple whom Jesus loved” five times. Who was this beloved disciple, and why does he single himself out like this?
Episode 1641

Plans for 2021 and Beyond

After a year unlike any other, Pastor John looks ahead to new books and renewed ambitions to spread Christian Hedonism farther across the globe.
Episode 1640

How Not to Correct a Fellow Christian

Pride & Humility, Life Together
How can Christians challenge and correct one another in a way that honors Christ and acknowledges our common neediness before him?