Episode 1545

When Does God Harden a Sinner’s Heart?

Does God harden sinners’ hearts only in response to their persistent sin, or is their sin a result of his prior hardening?
Episode 1544

God’s Good Design in Our Suffering

In this life, we will have trouble. But every trial paves the way to an inheritance with Christ that will satisfy us forever.
Episode 1543

Do My Past Sins Work Toward My Future Good?

Heaven & Hell, The Unwasted Life
We know that God works all things together for the good of his people. But does “all things” include even our sins?
Episode 1542

How Do We Raise Kids Who Are Not Naive or Cynical?

Courage & Boldness, Parenting
As Christians, we aspire to live out the paradox of brokenhearted boldness. But how do we teach and model this attitude for our kids?
Episode 1541

How Did God Call Me to Himself?

From our perspective, coming to Jesus Christ feels like placing our faith in him. But God himself enabled and awakened that faith in us.
Episode 1540

I’m Obsessed with My Appearance — How Can I Stop?

Diet & Exercise
We know outward beauty is insignificant compared to inward beauty. But what should we do if we still feel insecure about our looks?
Episode 1539

Are Our Standards for Sexual Purity Too High for Pastors?

Sexual Purity
Is faultless chastity an appropriate standard for pastors, or are our expectations simply too high?
Episode 1538

My Suffering Feels Meaningless — What Can I Do?

Sometimes pain seems meaningless, but in Christ, every millisecond of your suffering is producing for you an eternal weight of glory.
Episode 1537

How Can I Love God More Than My Boyfriend?

Dating & Singleness
As a couple’s affection for one another deepens, how can they make sure they are loving God more than each other?
Episode 1536

Is My Suffering a Correction for Sin?

When trials come, how can I know whether God is calling me to patiently endure, or whether he wants me to repent of a specific sin?