Episode 1333

My Joy Is So Short-Lived — How Do I Make It Last?

Topic: Joy, Corporate Worship
God promises lasting joy. But what should we do when we feel full on Sunday but empty by Monday?
Episode 1332

What’s the Significance of Simon Carrying Jesus’s Cross?

Topic: The Death of Christ
Matthew, Mark, and Luke all tell us that Simon of Cyrene helped carry Jesus’s cross. What’s the significance of this story?
Episode 1331

Where Was the Holy Spirit on Good Friday?

Topic: The Holy Spirit, The Death of Christ
At the cross, the triune God was at work, securing our redemption. But what role did the Holy Spirit play in Jesus’s crucifixion?
Episode 1330

Is There Any Place for Fear in the Christian Life?

Topic: God
Fear does not govern the Christian life. But we have a skewed view of the Christian life if we exclude fear.
Episode 1329

How Does God Answer Today’s Skeptics?

Topic: Worldview, Apologetics
Many of today’s skeptics ask questions that God himself has already addressed. Sometimes, we just need to hear how God responds to his critics.
Episode 1328

How Do Christians Survive in Middle-Class America?

Topic: Money, Bible Reading
“Woe to you who are rich. Woe to you who are full now. Woe to you who laugh.” What do Jesus’s woes mean for middle-class Americans?
Episode 1327

What Is the Sovereignty of God?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
God’s sovereignty over all creation is one of the grandest themes in the Bible. Pastor John overviews some of the basics.
Episode 1326

Why Have Kids If They Might End Up in Hell?

Topic: Predestination, Marriage & Family, Parenting
Every child is an eternal being, someone who will live forever. So if our children may end up in hell, would we be better off not having kids?
Episode 1325

I’m Eager to Pastor Now — Should I Skip Seminary?

Topic: Study & Scholarship, Education & Ministry
With so many urgent spiritual needs in the world, is it wise to spend years of life in a seminary classroom? If someone is eager for ministry, why wait?
Episode 1324

Why Did Jesus Need to ‘Become Superior’ to Angels?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God, Spiritual Warfare
If Jesus is God, why does the Bible say that he “became” superior to angels? Hasn’t he always been superior to angels?