Episode 1110

How Much of My Happiness Is Settled by Factors Outside My Immediate Control?

Topic: Christian Hedonism
Someone recently claimed that 88% of our happiness is outside of our control. How should a Christian hedonist evaluate this theory?
Episode 1109

How Martin Luther Built a Brand That Changed the World

Topic: Church History
The Reformation spread when an unknown monk leveraged a rudimentary piece of technology developed by a devout Roman Catholic.
Episode 1108

What Are the Best Reformation Biographies?

Topic: History & Biography
Good biographies expose us to times, people, and thinking outside of our own day. Here are some of the best biographies of Reformation figures.
Episode 1107

Why the Reformation Remains Relevant After 500 Years

Topic: Church History
Choosing which of the five ‘solas’ is most important is like choosing which wing of an airplane matters most. All the ‘solas’ stand or fall together.
Episode 1106

Is Anyone Born a Racist? Or Is It Learned?

Topic: Ethnic Harmony
Racism, hate, and anger have all erupted in fresh ways this last year. Are we born with these ethnic prejudices, or do we learn them?
Episode 1105

Is Knowing God’s Sovereignty Important to My Daily Life?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
The Bible not only recognizes that God controls everything. It also demands that we build our lives around that truth.
Episode 1104

God Is Holy and Righteous — Are Those the Same?

Topic: The Holiness of God, Sanctification & Growth
What is the difference between God’s holiness and his righteousness? And what does that mean for us?
Episode 1103

Ephesians 1:18: Who Will Receive the Riches of Heaven?

Topic: Heaven & Hell
Is Ephesians 1:18 about God inheriting believers, or is it about believers inheriting God’s glory? Pastor John offers a few defenses for his view.
Episode 1102

Confronting Emotional and Verbal Abuse in the Home

Topic: Church Discipline, Marriage & Family
God did not design marriage for outbursts, verbal putdowns, or raised voices. If this describes your marriage, here’s some advice from Pastor John.
Episode 1101

Is It Harmful to Date in High School?

Topic: Dating & Singleness
Falling in love is a wonderful gift, but for most the maturity to handle a relationship of that depth doesn’t come in high school.