Episode 1616

What ‘No Condemnation’ Does to a Heart

“No condemnation” means that you are finally free: free to love, free to serve, free to forgive, and even free to die for the good of others.
Episode 1615

Did Abraham Laugh at God’s Promise?

Paul looks back to Abraham and celebrates his unwavering faith. But is Abraham’s laughter at God’s promise in Genesis 17 really a faithful response?
Episode 1614

What Makes Women the ‘Weaker Vessel’?

The differences between male and female are not obstacles to overcome or facts to ignore. They are distinct glories that God calls “very good.”
Episode 1613

The Problem with Asking, ‘What’s Wrong with It?’

Pursuit of Holiness
If we want to follow Jesus, we will need to give up more than just sins. We will also need to give up everything that dulls our hearts for him.
Episode 1612

Hope for Children from Dysfunctional Families

Identity in Christ, Children
How can children who come from dysfunctional or abusive families begin to embrace the perfect fatherhood of God?
Episode 1611

How Does Chronic Pain Glorify God?

Why might God allow his children to endure years, or even decades, of unremitting suffering? How does such chronic pain bring him glory?
Episode 1610

Escape the World’s Infatuation with Sex

Sexual Purity
The deepest cure for lust never comes from strategies or accountability. The deepest cure comes from seeing the soul-staggering grandeur of God.
Episode 1609

How Will Heaven Change Our Joy?

Joy, Christian Hedonism
Joy isn’t just a nice byproduct of the Christian life, but an essential part of it. From propitiation to glorification, joy animates our life in Christ.
Episode 1608

How Does Easter Change Us?

Christ’s resurrection secures our future hope that we too will rise one day. In the meantime, it also grants us spiritual power for everyday life.
Episode 1607

What You Need More Than Self-Confidence

Pride & Humility
Everything good in the Christian life grows in the soil of rich, deep, and happy humility.