Episode 1520

I Feel Unappreciated — How Should I Respond?

Killing Sin
Ingratitude can make us feel unwanted and unnoticed. But our Father in heaven sees in secret, and he will more than make up for every thankless deed.
Episode 1519

Is My Career in Marketing Vain?

Work & Vocation, Money
Some marketing succeeds by cultivating consumerism in the human heart. Can a Christian glorify God in that kind of job?
Episode 1518

How Do I Recover from an Unbearable Tragedy?

Some tragedies make life feel barely worth living anymore. So is there any hope that we could one day be happy and at peace again?
Episode 1517

What Does My Stealing Say About My Soul?

Killing Sin
Whether we steal time, money, glances, or anything else, our impulse to take what is not rightfully ours reveals a lot about our view of God.
Episode 1516

Will the New Creation Look Like This One?

Heaven & Hell
The new creation will probably seem familiar to us. But there will also be new dimensions of life and joy we can’t even begin to fathom.
Episode 1515

Is Angry Prayer Okay?

We have nothing to hide from God since he already knows our hearts. But that doesn’t mean we can do or say whatever we want in prayer.
Episode 1514

How Did John Piper Become a Calvinist?

Education & Ministry, Calvinism
When John Piper entered seminary in 1968, he believed in the self-determining will of man. But then he encountered Philippians 2 and Romans 9.
Episode 1513

When Should I Follow My Heart?

Christian Hedonism
If a Christian desires God above all, then shouldn’t he follow his heart? Or are our hearts so deceitful that we can never trust them at all?
Episode 1512

Ten Reasons to Read the Bible Every Day

Bible Reading
If we are going to grow up into maturity in Christ, we need to feast on Scripture — and not just here and there, but every day.
Episode 1511

How Does Christ Change How I Work?

Work & Vocation
When you come to know Jesus Christ, something about everything in your life changes — including how you approach your vocation.