Episode 1587

My Teen Is Sexually Active — What Can I Do?

Parenting, Sexual Purity
What can Christian parents do if they discover that one of their children is living in serious sexual sin? Pastor John offers counsel on where to begin.
Episode 1586

The Root of Beautiful Patience

God’s all-pervasive providence is the key that unlocks enduring patience. He is always working more good than we can ever see.
Episode 1585

Do My Sins Hinder My Prayers?

Peter tells us that a husband’s prayers are hindered if he dishonors his wife. Is this just a marriage principle, or does sin always obstruct our prayers?
Episode 1584

Is My Happiness Moral or Not?

Joy, Christian Hedonism
Does the presence or absence of happiness say anything about us morally, or is happiness simply a nonmoral state of affairs?
Episode 1583

Escaping the Fog of Triviality

The Sovereignty of God
In a culture filled with silliness and superficiality, seeing and savoring the providence of God protects our hearts from trifling with divine things.
Episode 1582

Has Porn Already Broken My Future Marriage?

Marriage, Sexual Purity, Pornography
Pornography distorts our souls. But with the transformation of the Holy Spirit and a hard, honest fight, there is still hope for godly intimacy in marriage.
Episode 1581

Before You Tweet Criticism: Six Considerations

Social media feeds are often infernos of insults and anger. How can Christians engage online in ways that make much of Christ?
Episode 1580

Everything Made Meaningful

The Sovereignty of God
Even the tiniest details of history move forward under the providential care of our sovereign, all-good God. Nothing is random. Nothing is meaningless.
Episode 1579

Why Did God Create Us?

The Glory of God, Creation
If God doesn’t need anything in this world in order to be who he is, then why did he create the world at all?
Episode 1578

Am I Too Hard on Myself?

God has given us a high and holy calling in Christ. But can a Christian ever be too hard on himself as he strives to live up to that calling?