Episode 1413

How Concerned Should Christians Be with Consumerism?

Topic: Money
In our good concern for what and how we consume, how do Christians keep from being consumed by ethical consumerism?
Episode 1412

Why Was Christ Born into This World?

Topic: The Birth of Christ
The wonder and glory of Christmas will never dry up because the manger lets loose waterfalls of mercy that will flow forever.
Episode 1411

Should I Use Christmas Dinner for Evangelism?

Topic: Evangelism, The Birth of Christ
As we gather around the dinner table this Christmas, how might we share the gospel with family who don’t understand the meaning of Jesus’s birth?
Episode 1410

Does the Bible Forbid My Nativity Set?

Topic: Devotional Life, The Birth of Christ
The second commandment forbids using an image or likeness of God in worship. Does that mean we should take down our nativity sets?
Episode 1409

How Do I Banish Low Thoughts of Christ?

Topic: The Deity of Christ
The Christ who took on flesh and dwelt among us never had a beginning. He existed eternally before, and will be forever after.
Episode 1408

How Do I Battle Subtle Temptations to Lust?

Topic: Sexual Purity
Victory over pornography use is no small thing, but that doesn’t mean our battle is over. God lays claim to every impulse in our hearts, however small.
Episode 1407

Will All Nations Be Reached Before Christ Returns?

Topic: World Missions, End Times
Did the biblical writers expect Jesus to return at any moment, or were they waiting for certain events to take place before the end would come?
Episode 1406

What’s the Deepest Desire of My Heart?

Topic: The Glory of God
The greatest ache of the human heart is not to have wealth, comfort, or power, but to see and savor the glory of God in the face of Christ.
Special Episode

Does Christmas Create Racial Tensions? (Special Episode)

Topic: Ethnic Harmony, The Birth of Christ
Why was Jesus born a Jew? The incarnation undercuts all ethnic boasting and throws people from every tribe, tongue, and nation on the mercy of a Jewish man from Nazareth.
Episode 1405

I’m Not Good at My Job — Is the Lord Telling Me to Quit?

Topic: Work & Vocation
If we don’t see much success in a career we thought God called us to, did we misread his call?