Episode 1267

How Do I Question Someone’s Salvation at the End of His Life?

Topic: Death & Dying, Evangelism, Pastoral Ministry
How do we approach the deathbeds of professing Christians whose faith we are not sure is real? Pastor John offers four ways to love them.
Episode 1266

I Didn’t Treasure Christ When I First Believed — Was I Unsaved?

Topic: Salvation, Christian Hedonism, Regeneration
Treasuring Christ is a key ingredient to saving faith. But what if you don’t remember treasuring him when you were converted?
Episode 1265

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant — What Do I Do Next?

Topic: Parenting, Marriage & Family, Marriage
A premarital pregnancy means a couple has chosen sin over God. But it doesn’t mean they need to continue to make that choice.
Episode 1264

Does Premarital Pregnancy Nullify ‘Unequally Yoked’?

Topic: Marriage, Marriage & Family, Parenting
God clearly calls believers to marry only believers. But does a premarital pregnancy introduce an exception?
Episode 1263

Why Does Piper Avoid Politics and What’s Trending?

Topic: Worldview & Culture
In general, Pastor John avoids talking about politics, breaking news, and hot trends. Why doesn’t he address such cultural issues more often?
Episode 1262

Why Does John Piper Journal?

Topic: Life of the Mind, Sanctification & Growth
God does not require any of us to keep a journal. But journaling may help some of us see Christ, love Christ, and become like Christ.
Episode 1261

Does Depression Disqualify a Pastor?

Topic: Pastoral Ministry, Depression
At what point, if any, does depression or joylessness disqualify a pastor from ministry? Pastor John gives several factors to consider.
Episode 1260

When You Sin at Home: Learning to Pause and Repent

Topic: Parenting, Repentance, Killing Sin
Many of us spend our days running around with few breaks. So how do we repent of our sins when we find it hard to pause even for a moment?
Episode 1259

How John Piper Became a ‘Christian Hedonist’

Topic: Christian Hedonism
How does our passion for happiness fit with God’s passion for glory? Pastor John lived with this tension for years, until he found Christian Hedonism.
Episode 1258

Are We Fighting Against Sin or for Joy?

Topic: Killing Sin, Sin
Should we focus on fighting against our sin? Or should we focus on fighting for pleasure in God, which will in turn kill our sin?