Episode 1594

I’m Likely Going to Prison — Now What?

Repentance, Suffering
Where is God when I face life-changing consequences for my sin? Can he really work for my good, even in a punishment as severe as prison?
Episode 1593

Should I Ever Pursue My Dreams?

The Unwasted Life
Can we pursue our own dreams while also obeying God? Or do we need to give up our dreams in order to follow what Jesus is really calling us to?
Episode 1592

Protected from False Teaching

Joyful faith in the all-governing providence of God immunizes us against false teaching that exalts man and detracts from the glory due to God alone.
Episode 1591

Who Wrote the Bible?

The question “Who wrote the Bible?” has a double answer: God and man. Humans held the quill, but God ultimately inspired their words.
Episode 1590

What Is the Meaning of Life?

Worldview, Suffering
When life just doesn’t seem to make sense, or even when it seems void of any meaning at all, what can help us to know our purpose again?
Episode 1589

Sustained Through the Hardest Suffering

Suffering, The Sovereignty of God
God’s providence not only governs all things, but it gives us hope in our suffering. We can trust that our all-good God will turn every sorrow to joy.
Episode 1588

Why Is Baptism Important?

Baptism & Membership
Jesus commands the church not only to make disciples, but also to baptize them. But why is baptism so important?
Episode 1587

My Teen Is Sexually Active — What Can I Do?

Parenting, Sexual Purity
What can Christian parents do if they discover that one of their children is living in serious sexual sin? Pastor John offers counsel on where to begin.
Episode 1586

The Root of Beautiful Patience

God’s all-pervasive providence is the key that unlocks enduring patience. He is always working more good than we can ever see.
Episode 1585

Do My Sins Hinder My Prayers?

Peter tells us that a husband’s prayers are hindered if he dishonors his wife. Is this just a marriage principle, or does sin always obstruct our prayers?