Episode 1364

Is God Just as Sovereign over Damnation as Salvation?

Topic: Predestination, The Sovereignty of God
What role does God play in the redemption and damnation of sinners? Is he just as sovereign over both?
Episode 1363

What Is a Father’s Role in Caring for an Infant?

Topic: Parenting
A godly father will want to show God the Father to his children. He will want to model for them the heart of Jesus.
Episode 1362

Would God Be Less Glorious If He Never Created?

Topic: Creation, The Glory of God
If God created the world to display the fullness of his attributes, would he have been less glorious without creation?
Episode 1361

Is God Angry at Me When I Sin?

Topic: The Power & Effects of Sin, Sin
We go from a rebel against the King to a child of the King. God’s attitude toward us completely changes. But does he still get angry at us when we sin?
Episode 1360

The Heart of the Calvinist-Arminian Divide

Topic: Calvinism
Both Calvinists and Arminians see grace as powerful and necessary, but not in the same way. Pastor John gets at the heart of the theological divide.
Episode 1359

What Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Topic: The Holy Spirit
If you are a Christian, then you have the Holy Spirit. But is this the same as being baptized in the Holy Spirit? Pastor John explains the difference.
Episode 1358

How Do I Trust God with the Eternal Destiny of My Child?

Topic: Predestination, Parenting
We know God will accomplish his purposes for good, but he doesn’t promise our children’s eternal good. How can we be satisfied in God with this unknown?
Episode 1357

Does God Ever Soften a Heart He Has Hardened?

Topic: Salvation, The Sovereignty of God, Predestination
When we think God has hardened someone’s heart, we should not assume that the hardening is permanent. God can and does break in and save.
Episode 1356

How Should a Husband Treat His Quarrelsome Wife?

Topic: Divorce & Remarriage, Marriage & Family
“Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife.” What are readers of Scripture supposed to learn from a proverb like this?
Episode 1355

Should My Boyfriend and I Travel Alone?

Topic: Dating & Singleness, Sexual Purity
Is it wise for a girlfriend and boyfriend to travel together and stay in the same hotel? Should they? Pastor John gives three reasons why they shouldn’t.