Episode 1386

Should Anyone Say, ‘I Am of Calvin’?

Topic: Pride & Humility
As we sit under preaching in our churches, what matters most is not how eloquent the teacher is, but how much truth shines forth in his content.
Episode 1385

What Makes a Sermon Good?

Topic: Preaching & Teaching
Sermons are more than a transfer of facts and stories. They are a part of worship that God uses to work miracles in both the preacher and the people.
Episode 1384

Should Stay-at-Home Moms Take a Day Off?

Topic: Wives & Mothers, Parenting
With all the demands on our time, how can young families pace themselves to run the marathon of life without burning out halfway through?
Episode 1383

Are God’s Providence and God’s Sovereignty the Same?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
God’s sovereignty is his right and power to do whatever he pleases. God’s providence is his wise and purposeful sovereignty.
Episode 1382

When to Stop Listening to This Podcast

Topic: The Church, Technology
If God has given you elders in your local church and brothers and sisters in Christ, then why should you bother seeking wisdom from this podcast?
Episode 1381

How Do I Follow God’s Will in the Face of Two Good Options?

Topic: Knowing God’s Will, Education & Ministry
God may not reveal every detail we want to know about our future, but he does promise to walk with us and direct our steps.
Episode 1380

What Does the Bible Say About ‘National Coming Out Day’?

Topic: Homosexuality
Our culture may celebrate sin and stifle truth, but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope. God can still grant an awakening.
Episode 1379

How Do We Respond When a Pastor Leaves the Faith?

Topic: Perseverance of the Saints
If we believe in the sovereignty of God, then how do we explain friends or prominent leaders who turn their backs on Jesus?
Episode 1378

How Much ‘Lover’ Language Should We Use in Worship Songs?

Topic: Corporate Worship
Our song choices influence our churches nearly as much as our sermons. If we don’t choose our music with care, we aren’t shepherding well.
Episode 1377

Should We Call Out False Teachers or Ignore Them?

Topic: False Teaching
False teachers threaten churches all over the world. Every Christian, and especially pastors, should know how to respond to their danger.